Reel Monkey Productions is a visual media communications company that specialises in producing video and stills content for a variety of business clients, events organisers and charities. The company also offers consultancy for broadcast / video communications campaigns.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of digital media communication from complete video production to developing and implementing broadcast / video communications strategies to focusing in on event-based, PR and stock photography.

Reel Monkey Productions personnel have considerable experience of working with and alongside production and media professionals on projects for corporate clients, small businesses, charities, event organisers and agencies. The company utilises in-house skills and a global network of experienced and talented production professionals to undertake assignments all around the world, helping to keep costs down whilst providing great local knowledge and understanding. Our production experience has seen us capture content in locations across the UK and overseas in destinations such as Cuba, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Milan,  Moscow, Mexico City, and Istanbul.