We are pleased to see our resident photographer and Director of Reel Monkey Productions, Mehul Patel, have one of his creative stock images at Arcangel Images licensed and published as a book cover of a novel in France. The book title, ‘Buveurs de Vent’ written by acclaimed author Franck Bouysse and published by Albin Michel has also been released as an audiobook in French illustrating the trend of the growing digital books market1.

Fiction book with mobile phone and headphones illustrating concept of audiobooks
French novel, ‘Buveurs de Vent’ by Franck Bouysse with mobile phone and headphones. The book has been released as an audio book, like many new books and is available at ‘audiolib’. Click on the image to be transported to their website.

Book cover design and photographic images can help to sell books, gain attention and are created to encapsulate the essence of the book whilst both looking to appeal to consumers and bringing the imagination of authors to life. Franck Bouysse, the writer of ‘Buveurs de Vent’, was featured on regional French TV talking about the inspiration for the book which featured some nice close-ups of the cover! You can view the report on YouTube and below.

If you’re writing a book or designing a book cover and require inspiring imagery browse Mehul’s portfolio of potential book covers available at Arcangel Images, click on the image below:

1 According to figures published by the Publishers Association in the UK, the first six months of 2020 saw a 47% rise in UK sales of audiobooks to the value of £39 million and an 18% rise in sales of consumer ebooks to the value of £86 million to the industy. Fiction book sales income also rose 13% to £285 million pointing to a return to fiction by UK readers and an increase in digital literary consumption.

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