Organ donation laws in the UK are set to change in England from Spring 2020 with the new laws stipulating that all adults will have considered to have agreed to be an organ donor unless they have recorded otherwise. Currently people have to ‘opt in’ to be an organ donor when they die.

To raise awareness of this law change and to highlight some of the benefits and issues surrounding organ donation an event in the city of Leicester, England, was organised by the Santosh Community Centre and the South Asian Health Action charity.

Prominent specialist doctors provided some insight and key information relating to the need and procedures of donating organs whilst organ donors and organ recipients shared their stories and experiences to attendees. For further information regarding organ donation visit the NHS website.

Reel Monkey captured the visual images for this event.

Raising awareness of organ donation at event in Leicester – Speakers and organisers
Consultant and Surgeon outlining the surgical procedure of organ donation
Parents of organ donor talking about their decision to donate and help someone
Organ donation recipients speaking about the impact a transplant has had on their lives
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