Sunsets when travelling are always eagerly anticipated, they seem to provide a sense of natural joy and visual wonder. The sky can become illuminated with lovely warm red, orange or pink hues as the sun descends into the horizon which can transform the surroundings you see.

Red sky and sea at night - Krabi, Thailand

Our resident photographer and director, Mehul Patel, took the above photograph during a “wonderful” sunset on a beach in Krabi, Thailand. The image was recently selected from thousands of images as one of the top weekly pics from stock image site It has already had over 400 views on the site within a couple of weeks of being uploaded!

The site is a relatively new facility in the stock image market , launching only last year, but already has a following of thousands of photographers from around the world. Photographers can upload their stock images to the site and select themselves the price they wish to charge for potential image buyers to license their images.

Picfair charge a small commission on top of that price to image buyers and purchasers can then download the image and license within a couple of clicks.

Using stock images of nice sunsets could be a great way of illustrating an emotion, destinations to visit or as visual note to end articles, presentations or video, particularly as photographing sunsets is not always easy. Cloud cover may quickly extinguish a potential sunset colour display and cameras may not always accurately capture what you are seeing.

If you do need to shoot a sunset yourself try and use a low iso and warm white balance such as ‘cloudy’ or ‘shade’ which should warm up the orange, red or yellow tones that you see.

For further stock images of sunsets, Thailand and other parts of the world get in touch with us.

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